Southern California Reproductive Center EggSocial Recap by A Social Leader

A Social Leader was invited to participate in a wonderful event last Thursday night. It was held at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica by Southern California Reproductive Center.  SCRC is one of the most respected and well established fertility clinics nationally and internationally. Not only do they have some of the best fertility doctors and IVF specialists in the world working at the center, but they are also pioneers in this field.  

The 'EggSocial" event (cleverly named) was a successful  and interactive social event for those interested in Cryopreservation, also known as egg freezing as well as sperm freezing.  The evening started with drinks and social interaction with the vendors, which we were so fortunate to be a part of. We provided 2 custom teas, 'Fertili-Tea', to promote fertility & 'EggPowing' Tea that promotes health and a boost to your immune system, for the guests to enjoy.  They were perfectly paired with Michelle Footer's Butterscotch delectables. The raspberry leaves and rose hip flavoring of the Fertili-Tea was a splendid match to her lemon glazed madeleines. And, the many herbs of the EggPowering tea where equally matched in power to the Earl Grey french macarons that simply melted in your mouth. And of course the sugar cookies, well they just went deliciously with everything!

We met a lot of wonderful guests all at different places in their process, yet with one very important and united agenda - to acquire knowledge. Everyone was there to learn about how this incredible process works. Over the three course dinner, a brilliant and seasoned panel of doctors spoke of their individual specialties, their role as your personalized dream team, the process of what your body will go through and then they kindly answered a series of questions. By the time the lava cake came out I was ready to put my frozen eggs in their ART Laboratory. Some important factors to consider when deciding to freeze your eggs are age, a cancer diagnosis, illness, various medical condition & congenital condition. Speaking on this very subject was a special guest and patient of SCRC, Sara Krish.

Sara is a survivor of cervical cancer. She tells her story of being diagnosed with cancer and her decision to freeze her eggs before her treatment started and her hope to one day fulfill her desire to be a mom. She spoke of the process and the importance of understanding your options, because knowing your options can turn a time of fear and uncertainty to a feeling of hope and possibilities.  Since then, she has started a foundation called The Fly Buddha.  This wonderful foundation mission is to assist "women with gynecological cancer in the preservation of their fertility. Through financial assistance and community resources, we strive to create possibility where one would otherwise not exist; the possibility for a woman to have her own biological child." I think this is brilliant and hugely important. Sometimes hearing it from another woman is more effective than hearing it from any doctor, because only she can empathize with that kind of emotional state and fear. What Sara is doing is brave and vital to educating both men and woman and helping so many who feel hopeless. We need to all stand together as warriors for this cause. You can support Sara's vision by attending her LA based Get Lit Yoga Party, purchasing her amazing and very comfortable clothing line or by simply making a donation. Please visit her website for more details Read more on A Social Leader