Feeling stuck, lost, and uncertain of what’s next? Ready to create a life that lights you up? Join me on a journey of self discovery where you'll tap into your passions and dreams, gain tools to set powerful goals, and become reacquainted (and fall in love) with the amazing individual that you are!  

Group Workshops

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One-on-One Coaching

Complimentary 30 minute discovery session

Twelve week intensive $1,800

6 pack $700

60 minute session $125

*Email sara@theflybuddha.com to begin


"Since I joined the Goal Setting Workshop with Sara my life turned around for the best. I didn't think I had that much work to do until I delved inside my soul! Thanks to Sara and her amazing coaching my energy shifted, my marriage had a positive shake up, my husband and I are finally moving home, plus I'm starting a new job - a job that ignites my soul!" - GH

"Sara has truly changed my life. I began working with Sara at time where I thought I was making great strides personally and professionally but needed to get to the next level. My mind was bursting with possibilities and ideas but I somehow lacked the ability to align them in order of importance and follow through. Sara helped me to identify my values and zone in on key components that were holding me back. She did an amazing job at helping me stay on task and solidify pertinent changes in my life. I am grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her services." - AM

"Her passion and empathy allowed me to make an immediate connection. This provided a solid foundation for our successful coaching experience. Sara was able to listen to me and help me identify the roadblocks that were preventing me from reaching my goals. Once the barriers were identified and the mystery removed she and I worked together to develop strategies to nullify their hold over me. Our time together has been time well spent." - JK

"My experience has far exceeded my expectations. Sara is very professional, insightful, and caring. Her steps to success are very workable." - MS

"Sara is a compassionate and generous individual. Conquering her battle with cancer, she relates, inspires, and motivates people in her Goal Setting class at Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach. She easily connects with her audience whenever she shares her cancer journey. Her energy is infectious and we are grateful for her generosity to help in any way she can to give people hope. Sara Krish is a gem." - NP