Ignite the Flame

Last night we kicked off our six week “Set Your Goals on Fire” journey with a beautiful evening at The Fika Company. As the sun’s final rays shined into our circle and the cross breeze shared an inspirational charge, we began to release. We began to build. Sharing roadblocks and barriers, we started to peel back the layers and face our limiting beliefs - those thoughts we hold that stand between us and everything we desire. The fear, the uncertainty, past experiences, lack of confidence, the work. Oh, the work. To move beyond restricted thinking and make room for possibility and newness, a commitment must be found - an uncomfortable and aggressive fight - to push through, rise above, and create freely.  

This is where most people get stuck…in the cozy, seemingly risk-free space between wanting and doing. Full of daydreams and somedays. Convinced a life with limits is better than a life of frightfully audacious goals and potential failures. This space doesn’t require much. Things remain familiar. Life is predictable. Same. Same. Same. But it comes at a great cost. A steady job, yet it drains you. A warm body at night, but two words exchanged. Routine and stability, although a numbing sensation sets in. 

Unhappiness. Lack of fulfillment. A mundane existence. 

This is why I coach. This is why I guide. Life is to be felt. The heart - set on fire. The soul to feel alive. You know this. We all believe this. So I take a stand for you. I am that gentle nudge that can encourage a shake up, unveil a new path, encourage a slight shift that reignites your flame.