Ditch It!

I have gained a magnitude of insights in my short 34 years - cancer and love being my greatest teachers. The most profound, and now the bright guiding light in my life, is the strong knowing that discomfort and unsteadiness can produce a beautiful aftermath. That getting uncomfortable and leaning into uncertainty will reveal the power within - an endless flow of strength and unwavering confidence to rise. That moving through hardship isn’t a form of punishment. That struggle, pain, and heart heavy pleas are indeed intentional gifts meant to shake you…wake you. Discomfort guiding us toward an unimaginable greatness that comfortable simply does not allow. 

Like striking a match, consider for a moment that discomfort is actually the igniter to set your life on fire. Consider for another moment that the slightest shift in perspective can impact your entire life. Consider for a moment more that residing inside of you is everything you need to discover, grow, achieve, and flourish.

Take that in. Feel it. Deep breathes. Let go…release…make room. 

Sometimes we wander a bit too long, a bit too far, and find ourselves a bit too disconnected with who we are, what we want, and what’s worth fighting for. Sometimes our journey calls for guidance and encouragement to lead us back to the path of our true, most authentic, best-version Self. A retraining of the mental muscle, an expanding of the heart, objective inquiry and a hungry curiosity, a rediscovery, a laser focus, a reinstated commitment of Self.  

What are you currently fighting? Where is life uncomfortable? What’s missing? What have you been denying yourself? Think big. Go inward - the heart, the mind, the soul - search every piece of you. Look around with eyes wide open - career, personal, health. What shifts do you desire? What do you need? And most importantly...

What are you willing to DITCH in order to GAIN?