This Drug

This drug lifts me up with the clouds AND drags me down into the trenches. 

This drug makes life vibrant and bright AND puts out my flame. 

This drug highlights my strengths AND confuses my confidence. 

This drug takes away the pain AND makes me heart ache.

This drug brings out my best AND distracts me from my greatness. 

This drug infuses me with energy AND feasts on the life within. 

This drug provides endless possibility AND cuts my life too short. 

This drug…

It's a powerful thing.

Addictive when its sweetness runs through my veins.  

Debilitating when I find myself at its mercy. 

I love this drug.

BUT I love myself enough. 

Enough to stop indulging. 

Stop before it consumes me, takes over, breaks me, strips me of my beauty and strength. 

Stop before it creates dependency and leaves me empty and alone... 

weaker than i've ever known