Value The Past

Uncomfortable. Scared. Uncertain. Sad. 

I've been here before. 

The very reason this blog began. 

I know pain and frustration and hurt and disappointment. My life - a roller-coaster, a whirlwind of events, an emotional journey. A world turned upside down, broken apart, shifted, tweaked, manipulated, and readjusted all to prepare me for this - one of the greatest obstacles I will endure. 

I've been here before. 

A pained heart, instability in my soul, a fear of what may be. 

I cracked. I hit bottom. I saw dark. I found faith. I chose a smile. I came out on top. I know discomfort. I know ache. I know tears. I know sadness. 

I've been here before... 

And I know how to find my way out. How to see the sun. How to reassure my trembling heart. How to calm my mind. How to see tomorrow. How to carry hope and love into everything I do, everything I think.  

I've been here before. 

I know this too will pass.