The confetti has settled. The party's packed up. 30 here I am. 

Mom and Dad are back in Chicago. Decorations and flare stored for birthdays to come. A headache lingers and my body is stiff - a fabulous reminder of the week's indulgences and rules gone out the window.  Fancy balloons are beginning to lose their luster in the corner of my living room. Greeting cards canvasing the kitchen counter. A fridge full of treats. Photos strewn about.

What a wonderful birthday! What a wonderful celebration! A great way to welcome a new decade, a new chapter, a new phase in my life. One (I've been told over and over) that will surely be filled with endless amounts of satisfaction, confidence, enjoyment, contentment, beauty and bliss. 

I believe it. 

I welcome my thirties. I have honest faith they will be filled with all things I've been waiting so patiently for -  a fulfilling career, a cherished partnership, babies to raise, peace and stability, increased self love, and beautiful relationships. 

It's wild to look back at 18...21...25 and recall what I thought my life would be like when I hit 30. I never imagined this - single, living in Santa Monica, working at a restaurant, opening a spinning studio, writing a book, and loving life despite its distance from traditionalism. 

...but that's because I had no idea what was possible for me. Now I know. Now I'm excited!

30 here I am!