The Power of Presence

Along this path of newness and uncertainty, I have two choices - to live in fear or live in love. I can be paralyzed and stuck or energized and create. I can wallow in what isn't and what should've been or I can celebrate what is and all that can be. I can spend my mental energy on failures of the past or I can focus my thoughts on the beauty of who I am and all that I desire.  

“If I thought too much about what had happened, I would get sad and angry, and I couldn’t forgive the mistakes that had been made. If I thought too much about the future, that was too overwhelming. But if I stayed right in the present moment, I could handle things with grace and with ease.” - The Power of Presence 

Each morning before getting out of bed, I sit with myself as I prepare to take on another day of uncertainty, a day that's sure to be filled with memories of special moments passed, a twinge of pain in the heart as I begin another day of oneness, a vision of things desired but not yet attainable. I lay quietly until I find hints of strength, clarity, love, and motivation. I remind myself of the purpose of this path. I dig up a sense of trust and faith. I soothe my anxious mind and restore peace into my heart. 

An everyday practice, keeping me in the moment when I want to run back to what I had or fast forward to the life I'm preparing for. A practice that may be second nature for some, but to me it's a brand new way of life - no longer searching outside myself for the bulk of my strength and love. For the first time I'm depending on me, trusting me, having faith in me, celebrating me, comforting me, paying attention to me, nurturing me...loving me. And this happens most when I simply take it one day at a time, moving through this journey at a slow and steady pace being careful not to force or rush. Every second I sit with myself enhances the amount of strength being built inside. 

That's something worth being present for.