Love All of You

"You are whole, perfect, and complete.”

A life altering string of words. A beautiful gift of wisdom and love. A recognition too many live a lifetime without. A powerful truth I only began to embody at the turn of the year when the storm subsided and pieces of my life began to gradually settle. 

That’s when I came into clear view. 

Much of my twenties were spent searching for things, rarely at peace with who I was or what I offered. Never able to just embrace and confidently be. Some called it the “shiny object syndrome,” while I tried to defend my reach as a simple desire for personal growth and new experiences (something that was true for me, but not the driving force of my actions during this time). 

Throughout the last decade of my life I was chasing - chasing after things that would make me feel MORE...more fulfilled, more happy, more loved, more enlightened. I was constantly seeking externally what was only accessible from within, what only became accessible when I was challenged, broken, pained, heavy hearted, scared, and lonely.  

If it weren't for the nights I laid in bed crying myself to sleep, or the cold reality when morning hits after a night filled with beautiful dreams, or the best friend who is now a complete stranger, or the days I sit at home hoping a special man will knock on my door, or the distance that has been strategically placed between me and those I love, or the strength I have to rediscover daily to accept this beautiful journey with open arms. If it weren’t for these moments, I would not see me for all that I am. 

My power, my strength, my capabilities, my value, my worth, my gifts all uncovered when a little light found its’ way into my soul after the darkness. Now I see...

I am whole, perfect, and complete.