Imagine Your Blank Canvas

"What do you want?"

As I look out at this blank canvas I have before me, this brand new chapter yet to be written, this clean slate void of scuffs and blemishes, I feel blessed. It is mine - mine to dream up, to create, to live out, and to love. Freely, fully, and honestly. 

Never will I be tormented or fearful of this futuristic nothingness as it serves as a powerful reminder of all that I have conquered, all that I have survived, all that I have chosen, all that I have gone after, and all that I am capable of. 

It's nothing short of a beautiful miracle. 

"I'm just beginning, pen's in my hand, ending unplanned...Live your life with arms wide open, today is, where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten." - Natasha Bedingfield 

On this blank canvas, in this new chapter, and atop this clean slate I am building a masterpiece - a life built with extreme ambition, wild dreams, beautiful people, and endless amounts of love and gratitude. For years I've been writing down my goals, thinking outside the box, and striving to fill my life with all things grand. But only in this moment, this current phase of life, post-storm and with my feet firmly on the ground am I able to tap into what it is I truly want - no limits, no hesitations, no inauthenticity, no fear, no compromise, no settling. The stage is set for me to create and attract all that I desire. 

"When you really want something, the universe always conspires in your favor." So what am I putting on this blank canvas? What am I writing in this next chapter? What goes on this clean slate?

I publish a memoir, a detailed recap of a twenty-something woman searching for the ultimate love of life.  

I am a world renowned author and motivational speaker. 

I publish a series of 4 coaching books, using life lessons and training resources to motivate and inspire others. 

I have a romantic partnership with a man who can match my passion and love for people and adventure. 

I am a mother. 

I am a spinning instructor. 

I live near the beach in Southern California.  

I own a spinning studio that embodies my passion for health, wellness, and community.

I travel around Europe, South Africa, and Australia. 

My life is full of love and gratitude.