Choosing Happiness

"Being happy is about being able to relax into the imperfect nature of our experience, not about finally having everything just the way we want it." 

I have unmet needs. I have unanswered prayers. I have unavailable desires. I yearn, I hope, I dream, I wish for things that can not be mine in this moment. I get sad. I have remorse. I feel frustration. I am pained. 

And then I remember...

Happiness is a choice - always accessible, always attainable, always there. It's mine to seek out. Mine to ignite. Mine to choose. Mine to own. Mine to protect as I continue on this completely imperfect journey called my life. 

"Being happy in the midst of the difficulties of human life is a wonderful art, a great accomplishment. Learning to be happy is perhaps the most important skill we can develop in life." 

I choose to be happy because I see no other option. It's not in me to live in a negative place, stuck in what isn't and losing sight of the wonderful that is. So for what I have, I am grateful. For what I want, I remain hopeful. And with every moment that passes, both beautiful and bright or painful and dark, I will have happiness in my soul, love in my heart, and a genuine smile on my face. 

I choose happiness. Always and forever.