Imagine Your Life

So this is what it feels like to truly go after your life...

It hit me today as I sat on the phone with my parents, filling them in on my latest twists and turns. Both lines resorting to laughter in absolute astonishment and disbelief that yet again I had chosen to throw another challenge into the mix, while comically enough, at the same time the Universe decided to throw heart heavy news at me from another direction. It never fails these days, the instant I become comfortable and begin to cozy up to my revised life, something with the weight of a humungous boulder gets placed on my shoulders or leaned against my chest. 

After the emotional turmoil subsided, I was able to see that wanting greatness in my life comes at a cost. Sure I could choose familiarity and comfort, safe and predictable, calm and rational. I imagine that'd be an easy, smooth path to follow. But, something inside of me keeps going after the ultimate. I want complete satisfaction, total fulfillment, an abundance of love, loads of pleasure, endless amounts of joy, magnificent experiences, continuous growth, unconditional self-love, inspiration. 

I want greatness! 

So I set big, scary goals. I embrace failure as a possibility. I understand. I make drastic changes. I follow my dreams. I look inside. I question. I remain true to myself. I get vulnerable. I create uneasy. I love deeply. I choose to get uncomfortable. I allow my heart to ache. I never stop feeling. I don't hold back. I refuse to settle. 

This is what it takes to live the life I imagine!