Peaks & Valleys

With eyes wide open and a heart expanding with every breathe, I accept my life as ever-changing, imperfect perfection. Full of magnificent beauty, matched by thick doses of discomfort, I ride this ride of steep, strenuous climbs and abrupt falls. My life is a sequence of unpredictable peaks and valleys - not staying in triumph and bliss for an extended period of time, nor lingering at length in the fog. The ride up, though full of friction and fight, gives me the valuable experience of Conquer, Love, Shine, Power, Growth. The plummet down, a whole different set of experiences, yet, equally soul-enriching, fill me with Letting Go, Faith, Trust, Inner Voice, Self-Love, Vulnerability, Rawness, Softening. 

Once I succumbed to the break downs and build ups that will be my life, I began to open up, welcoming the transitions. The fight has subsided. The fear is small. The comfort of my own knowing that "this too shall pass" has blanketed me many of my days. I have lived in Amazing and I have made it out of Painful.

What my life feels like is a beautiful yoga flow.

Vulnerability as I open my heart. 

Strength as I stand tall. 

A quickening of the heart as my feet leave the safety of the ground. 

Hesitancy as I lean out into open space. 

Inner knowing as I fully connect to my body and mind. 

Euphoria as I push passed the discomfort. 

Gratitude as I test, learn, lean, live.