Get Lit!

While fighting cervical cancer in 2012, I connected with the Cancer Support Community in Redondo Beach, CA. Their wide range of free resources including individual counseling sessions, focused support groups and yoga classes, gave me the strength I needed to stay strong and determined. It was within this community that I experienced first hand the power behind the collective and the impact of service. I knew that when I recovered, I would create something that brought people together, raised consciousness and encouraged greatness. 

Lots of ideas came and went that year after treatment. So eager to start "living" again, hungry for purpose, and embracing the release of my cancer handcuffs, I tried to bring into fruition many of those visions, but nothing stuck. Nothing felt 100% true to me until The Fly Buddha. What started as a spinning and yoga studio has morphed into a clothing line mixed with donation based yoga classes in beautiful locations throughout LA. Spreading inspiration, empowerment, awareness and love with messages such as "Warrior" and "Get Lit!", our clothing serves as a reminder to all to find that inner strength in the face of adversity and "Shine On"! 

I cannot believe I made it to this point - the place everyone says you'll reach after you're broken down and depleted. Someone pinch me! I beat cancer, put myself back together, and now I get to focus on creating something for others! Life is good.