This One's for the Girls

"I feel there is something unexplored about woman that only a woman can explore." - Georgia O’Keeffe

Woman to woman. Man to woman. The jolting word, "CRAZY", too often spit out. Carrying a strong tone of negativity, disgust and judgement. Stemming from confusion between souls, yet declared as truth. It's an ugly blanket used to drape over the source - the inflictor - often pain, frustration or sadness. 

"CRAZY." No reflection needed. No exploration to be had. No follow up conversation. Label and done. 

That ugly word, I so passionately detest. It's a stealer of reality. An instant human disconnection. It strips all parties of the actual experience that's occurring. It masks the thing in need of exploration. It takes away the learning and the beautiful growth - a huge disservice to all.  

Lean in, I say. Explore. Ask why. Observe. Want to understand the expressive woman and all her glory. Take a good look at those feelings she owns with such incredible intensity. See her. Hear her. All of her. 

And maybe it will look more like this...

"I have found myself in the company of this wildly ambitious, incredibly strong, openly expressive, beautifully wise and loving woman. Entrepreneur, dreamer, creator, giver, partner, friend. She wows me. She inspires me. She pushes me. I am in awe of her work, her presence, the strength she brings to the storm. So much power inside such a petite, delicate frame. 

I've seen the weight of the world on her shoulders. I've heard the uncharacteristic stories of imperfection and remorse. I've witnessed sadness in her eyes and felt the heaviness in her heart. I've watched the ups and downs. Taken part in celebration and consoled in the darkness. This woman - so dynamic, molded from every experience of life. Bruised but not scarred. Bent but not broken. Still soft and tender, a refusal to harden. Heart, mind and eyes all open to receive. She takes everything in and lets everything out. She feels. She lives.  

Her layers that run soul deep. So rich with feeling, often catching herself off guard, surprised by her own words and actions. She is fascinating, mysterious, and sometimes too complex for our understanding. Her rawness and vulnerability - a testament to her amazing strength."